Common Scottish names for Scrivener name generator.

The files in this post are formatted to be used with Scrivener for Mac. I’m happy to provide versions for importing into Scrivener for Windows if someone is willing to test the files.

The data provided in the zipped files is sourced from The National Records of Scotland and is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

The files of origin used are All names – 1974 to 2015 (CSV 5.71 Mb) for the forenames and Most Common Surnames – multi-year data (CSV 694 Kb). The names have been extracted by year and formatted for importing into Scrivener for Mac; the names should still be in the order of popularity. The surnames were in all caps in the source file, they have been capitalized; this means that names like MacDonald will be Macdonald.

Scottish Female forenames from 1974 to 2015

Scottish Male forenames from 1974 to 2015

Scottish Surnames from 1975 to 2015





Now is the time…

Now is the time to stop slacking off and get something written. I’ve decided to start the first draft of a novel on the first of November. I need to take a step away from the stuff that I’ve been failing to do any meaningful work on for years now. I’m hoping that NaNo gives me the external motivation that I seem to need to get stuff done.

NaNo 2016 will be my second go at NaNoWriMo, the previous one in 2014 was a pointless attempt as I was also studying and writing for my degree and I had no time to spare between work, study and the rest.

I know that I tend to procrastinate and call it ‘research,’ ‘planning,’ or ‘insert whatever.’  To avoid this I will start on November first with a character, a situation, and I will go from there. The character may be new or one I’ve had in my mind for a while, the story will not be one that I’ve previously worked on before now.

I’ll try and update the progress on my character and situations ideas in the next few days.